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Accademico ed operatore economico multilingue con esperienza in finanza internazionale, investimenti internazionali, sviluppo imprenditoriale, negoziazioni, pianificazione di prodotto e strategica, technology information ed energia. Eccellente stratega con documentati successi nel focalizzare opportunità profittevoli nel rispetto degli obiettivi aziendali. Ha stabilito solide relazioni commerciali e mantiena una vasta rete di relazioni internazionali. Leader motivazionale e team builder con esperienza in docenza interculturale, nel management e nello sviluppo del personale. Manager pratico con solida esperienza tecnica e veduta globale di potenziali mercati. Multiforme consulente finanziario su sistemi informativi, project management, energia, operazioni bancarie e analisi di investimento.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Conversation At The FourthFloor

Conversation at the fourth floor

Conversation at the fourth floor

Tourism as social network
Conversation at the fourth floor
Podcast Channel
specialized on tourism and culture


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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tourism as social network

Tourism as social network, originally uploaded by enricofuria.

Advanced Studies & Research, world business law, new investements, global finance, technology innovation, energy, ethic finance, microcredit, LLC, trust, funds, pensions, insurances, futures, derivatives

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Personal profile


Multilingual executive with experience in international finance, foreign investment, business development, negotiations, product planning, strategic planning, information technology, and energy
Excellent strategist with proven success in pinpointing profitable opportunities while realizing corporate objectives
Established solid business relationship and maintained a large network of international contacts.
Motivational leader and team builder experienced in cross cultural teaching, management, and people development.
Hands-on manager with sound technical skills and global perspective of potential markets
Multifaceted financial advisor on information systems, project management, energy, banking, and investment analysis

Professional Highlights

1) -2003- Construction of a Socila Network for religious and non-religious communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

2) -1998- Designed a $50 million agricultural and industrial bond-financing vehicle targeted for an investing group in the Asian market.

3) -1997- Restructured a capital funding for municipality by converting $20 million real assets into financial assets; invested funds in international financial markets and improved ability to fund public utilities, capital investments and projects.

4) -1986- Technical improvement of a hydraulic bull

5) -1986- Reduced standard power consuption 50% through combination of alternative resources development and management in the towns of Fano Adriano and Pietracamela in the Province of Teramo, Italy

6) -1983- First construction in Europe of a photovoltaic electric powered house in Campagnano, Rome, owned by Mr. Cosimo IAIA (the application is still at work)

7) -1980- In the NATO base of Bagnoli (Italy) combination of a computerized system of telecommunication with the telex line through a database located in the USA.

8) -1978- Established market leadership through development of software combining word processing and mathematical functions in Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.

Personal data sheet

First and last name: Enrico FURIA
Birthdate and birthplace: 29.06.1948 - Montorio al Vomano -TE - (I)
Mail address & residence I-00192 Roma, via Cola di Rienzo, 217
Ph./Fax nr. Int.l:(+39)06324.3343
Mobile: (+39)3498184792
Email: HYPERLINK "mailto:info@worldbusinesslaw.net" info@worldbusinesslaw.net
Family status: married; one daughter, 16-year-old;
Nationality: Italian.

University: Doctorate (Laurea) in Political Science, Florence, 1972.
High School: 1967, Maturità Classica (Grammar School A1 Level).

Italian: mother language
English: fluent spoken and written
French: fluent spoken and written
Spanish: scholastic
German: scholastic

Vocational Training:
- 1975, Product Planning, (Texas Instruments Learning Centre), Nice -F.
- 1977, Business Planning (I.T.T. Learning Centre), London -UK.
- 1978, C.P.M. & P.E.R.T. Methods, (CPT Learning Centre), Minneapolis, MN - USA
- 1979, Interactive Sales Training, (CPT Learning Centre), Minneapolis, MN - USA

2002 – 2002. SWBL – School of World Business Law and Arbitrate, Rome
Visiting Professor of World Business Law and Arbitration
Course based on the ICC, UNCTRAD, UNCITRAL, and WTO Rules for Multinational Business and Arbitration.

1999 – 2001. Nottingham Trent University E.S.E. Campus - Rome
Professor of Business Administration
(i) Hotel Management; (ii) Multinational Financial Trade; (iii) World Trade Law.

1996 – 1996. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Washington, D.C., U.S.A
Visiting Professor of U.S.A. /E.U. Comparative Business Law
Comparative Company Law; Comparative Corporate Tax Law; Comparative Labour Law; Comparative Technology Innovation Law; Comparative Financial Law

1995 – 1998. A. Ludwigs Universitaet, Freiburg (Germany)
Visiting Professor of EU and Multinational Financial Law
Courses were essentially based on the analysis of EEC Treaties, and the advent and further implementation of WTO Rules.

1990 – 1994. Universitè H. Schumann, Strasbourg (France)
Professeur Jouent de Droit Financier de l'Union Européenne
Courses in French assisted by the European Parliament and Internet research.


1988 – “Idroelettrica minore in Italia – Guida alle operazioni”, EF, Roma
2005 – “Introduzione alla valutazione e gestione del rischio d’impresa”, Gnosys, Roma


2002 – “Economic Impact of Migration in Both Emigrant and Immigrant Countries”, ISIG, Gorizia
2002 – “Gender Imbalance and Economic Development”, ISIG, Gorizia.
2002 – “Come costituire e gestire da casa una societa’ di diritto statunitense: (la Limited Liability Company)”, Tribuna Finanziaria, Milano
2002 – “Considerazioni di New Economy”, Tribuna Finanziaria, Milano
2002 – “History and Development of Bank Instruments”. ISIG, Gorizia
2001 – “Considerazioni sul Transfer Price delle Imprese Multinazionali e Transnazionali”, Tribuna Finanziaria n° 3, Milano
2001 – “L’ineluttabilità dell’economia sommersa”, Tribuna Finanziaria n° 1, Milano
2001 – “Introduction to Nomology, the Science of Law Making”, ISIG Gorizia.
2001 – “I Contratti Transnazionali” Tribuna Finanziaria n° 12, Milano
2001 – “New Economy e trasformazione dei costi agricoli”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 1/2, Roma
2001 – “Considerazioni sul Tax and Hoverhead Planning nell’Ordinamento Giuridico Italiano”, Tribuna Finanziaria n° 2, Milano
2001 – “Risk Management Guidelines for Derivatives”, ISIG, Gorizia
2001 – “Innovation Techniques”. ISIG, Gorizia
2001 – “Nuovo millennio nell’economia agroindustriale”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 5, Roma
2001 – “Energia Rinnovabile e Agricoltura…. Vent’anni dopo”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 7/8, Roma
2001 – “Contratti con l’estero: come si fa?” , Agricoltura Nuova n° 12, Roma
2000 – “Occupazione e New Economy in Agricoltura”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 11, Roma
2000 – “La Nuova Economia è applicabile in Agricoltura?”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 9, Roma
1999 – “La Ricchezza Finanziaria del Patrimonio Immobiliare Pubblico. Il Ponte n° 10, Roma
1998 – “I Contratti Transnazionali nelle Costruzioni”, Il Ponte n° 7, Roma
1996 – “Nomology: Introduction to Bodies of Law”, La Cultura nel Mondo numero unico, Roma
1994 – “Giusnaturalismo e Diritto Positivo” Mediterraneo, n° 5, Roma
1993 – “Conti con l’estero, svalutazione, inflazione”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 2, Roma
1992 – “Sulla rappresentatività dell’Ordinamento Giuridico Comunitario”, La Cultura nel Mondo n° 1, Roma
1991 – “La politica di lobby e di pressione”, Agricoltura Nuova n° 12, Roma

CAREER HISTORY and Current Memberships

CUGIT – Confederazione Unitaria Giudici Italiani Tributaristi (Milano)
2002 – Present: Member of the Scientific Committee

GNOSYS - (Training & Research Association), Rome.
1996 - Present: Honorary President

I.C.C. - International Chamber of Commerce, Paris, Italian Section-Rome
1996 – Present: Member of the Commission for International Trade and Customs

B.S.C.C. - British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Vaduz -FL-
1996 - 1997: Ordinary Member,)

Enrico Furia, Wolrd Business Law Office, Rome
1994 - Present: Principal

TECNO s.r.l. - Renewable Energy Power Plants, Rome, Italy
1984 – 1994: General Manager

NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
1980 - 1983: Information Technology Consultant

C.P.T. Corporation, Minneapolis, MN (USA)
1978 - 1980: Sales Engineer, IT Division

Meccanizzazione Postale (I.T.T. Group), Milan (Italy)
1977 - 1978: Marketing Manager

Texas Instruments Italia, Rieti (Italy)
1974 - 1976: Product Planner, Semiconductor Division


Sectors of Practice
Energy and Environment
Property and Construction

Cases of Practice
Worldwide Company Formation (Resident/Non Resident)
Stock Exchange Quotation (direct, or through a Shell Company)
Formation of Public/Private Utilities Company in Italy
Inward Property Investment in Italy
Direct Tax and Cross-Border Tax Planning
World Transport Law
Air Transport - Sea Transport - Land Transport
World Banking Law
Merchant Banking - Commercial Banking
Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Buy-out, Securitisation, Secured Loan
World Credit and Payment Law
Documentary Credit
Electronic Money Transfer
Insurance Company Law
Export-Import Law
Formation of World Contract and Pre-contractual Liability
Competition Law
Electronic Commerce Law
Intellectual Property Law in the International Trade
Expertise, Conciliation, and Arbitration
Advising on Arbitral Sentences Execution
Risk Analysis and Assessment
Fraud and Counterfeiting Risk Prevention
Bribery and Corruption Preventing Law
Money Laundering Preventing Law
Financial Trading Risk Prevention in Emerging Markets


1996-1997 (Italy) Regione Calabria
– Infrastructures for the Harbour of Gioia Tauro

1996-1997 Ceramica Azzurra s.p.a.
– Energy Recovery from the Ovens

1996-1996 Vetreria di Murano (Venezia)
– Energy Recovery from the Ovens

1986-1987 W.E.G.-Wind Energy Group (London)
– Wind Energy Plan in Italy

1985-1986 Tecno s.r.l.
– Small Hydroelectric Energy Plant in Agricolture

1983-1984 (Italy) Comune di Fano Adriano
– Electric Power from Forestry Wastes

1978-1980 M.P.A.
– Businees Plan for Automatic Mail Sorting Systems in Italy

Enrico Furia
Via Cola di Rienzo, 217 – 00192 Roma
Email: enricofuria@hotmail.com


Tourism as social network
Conversation at the fourth floor
Podcast Channel
specialized on tourism and culture


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